Our Facility Service

- very special - the placement is free of charge

Upon request we can arrange the following services to our customers

  • Handyman/all-rounder. This service is provided free of any additional charge and for an unlimited time to our relocation customers - also after completion of the relocation contract.
  • Professional craftsmen: Electrician - plumber - carpenter - painters - gardener and more…
  • As a “move-in-service” they support you on the move-in day or day after for installing lamps, PC/Internet, changing plugs on electrical devices, hanging up pictures.
  • Driver - can also be hired as bodyguard, even armed. He is a retired policeman.
  • Arrangement of rental furniture and household utilities needed until delivery/arrival of own furniture/goods 
  • Cleaner.
  • Babysitter. 
  • Party service for your invitation at home.


All these services are carried out by very efficient, reliable and experienced professionals with the same working standard/ethic as the ABA staff; these services are available from Monday through Sunday (Sundays in emergency cases only).