What do we offer?

Pre-Arrival short orientation tour of the city and suburbs, written and verbal information,
medical care, insurance.
Arrival Pickup, transfer to temporary or permanent accomodation, explain the house appliances, show where the nearest shops and amenities are located, written and verbal information, schooling, registration with local authorities, opening a bank account, arrange meeting with an insurance broker.
Orientation Tour in and around Basle incl. viewing an apartment or house, school visits incl. written and verbal information.
Housing Viewing tour 1 whole day (or 2 half days) showing 6 to 8 suitable objects.
Assisting with the application. Follow up with the real estate agent.
Assisting understanding and signing the rental contract and general
conditions. Handover - control condition of the rental object and assist
with the protocol.
Departure Timely notice of lease contract. Final return of residence. De-Registration
with authorities, give notice to various service centers (electricity, phone,
radio- and tv-licence, insurances, etc.) assistance with possible conflicts.
Immigration Apply for a residence permit.
Work-permit Assistance for a work permit.
 InsuranceInsurance consultancy
 RemovalWe organize your removal with world-wide active removal companies